Slovácký soubor Kyjov, z. s.

Who we are

The Association of Kyjov Moravian Ensemble’s Friends (SPSSK) was established in the spring of 1991 in the royal town of Kyjov by the members of the ensemble and its supporters. The vocation of the association is to support the ensemble’s artistic activities in all possible ways and to create conditions for developing folklore traditions in Kyjov and its surroundings.

To achieve these aims the association deals with the following tasks:

  • It connects Moravian folklore supporters
  • It helps with organizing regional folklore festivals and other social events
  • It takes care of bringing up young musicians, dancers and singers
  • It informs the citizens of Kyjov about the ensemble’s activities
  • It collects historical materials in the field of folklore
  • It publishes special editions of non-periodical publications
  • It helps with the protecton of its members’ copyright
  • It speaks for the interests of the ensemble, which represents the town of Kyjov in the Czech Republic as well as abroad

We will give a warm welcome to everybody who would like to become a member of our association and thus support our goals.